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Ways To Find Original Clothes

Have you ever just went out shopping for clothes looking for something fresh and new and had just the opposite experience? Do you often feel jaded and uninspired by what you find out there for clothes? Would you like some tips on how to get over all of that? Of course you would, and here we go:

First off, if you haven’t already done so (and shame on you if you haven’t), find a good tailor you get along with and develop a solid working relationship with him or her. This is an indispensible step because you are always going to need alterations here and there. And sometimes you may just want to:

-Design From Scratch

This is a good option that will depend mainly on the combined creativity of your tailor and you. You can also go halfway on this option by going through photographs of people and clothes until you find something similar to what you would like and then tweaking it from there.

-Salvation Army/Goodwill

This is a good option if you are in a city in which people generally walk around well-dressed to begin with, and obviously it is a great option for those who are on a tight budget. My absolute fave is the Salvation Army in the South Bronx on Southern Ave…. you can find real gems there for cheap. And once again since you have your tailor on lock, if the item doesn’t quite fit perfectly, it will soon enough!


Online is always going to beat out other options just in sheer volume of stuff available, since it literally puts the whole world right up on your screen. And the danger of getting something that doesn’t fit right is once again mitigated by your tailor. The downside are those long wait times for shipping, sometimes combined with unexpected delays. Also, don’t discount the possibility of finding something truly unique and priceless at online auctions. Auctions are actually probably the very best way to get something truly unique, aside from designing something from the ground up all by your lonesome. You can also go the more customizable route and get tailored suits online if that’s the way you wish to go.

-The Hood

The more intrepid among you may have already done this. Going “slumming” is a great way to open your mind up to new ways of dressing. Of course, a lot of what they have on offer is probably not going to appeal to you, but if you can find just 1-2 amazing items to take you out of your slump, the trip will have been worthwhile.

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